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Packages on PyPi

Overview of the published ports and boards.




RP2 / RP2040

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  • PyPi transforms all names of the ports and boards to small-caps and kebab-case, (not snake_case).

  • Not all possible ports/boards are published as I do not have access to hardware to create board-stubs for all ports and boards.

  • Newly published stubs may show as ‘not found’, please check PyPi directly

Overview of all modules of all published stubs

There is a simple way to discover if stubs for a specific module have been published via the Flat Viewer website. This offers a searchable and exportable view of the all_modules.json file that is automatically updated when new stubs are published.

Click on the image to search the list of all modules that are currently available as stubs. webview of flatgithub

Note: This list does not precicely reflect which modules are avaialbe on what firmware as a few modules are omitted from the ditribution packages to avoid conflicts with CPython.


  • currently not yet automatically updated

  • add links to PyPi

Packages on GitHub

  • list of (latest) packages that can be installed from GitHub

  • add commands to install TODO:

  • currently not yet automatically updated

List of current firmwares and stubs

This includes stubs from the following MicroPython families:

  • MicroPython

  • Pycopy

  • M5Stack

  • EV3/Lego

  • Loboris port (ESP32) - Available but no longer maintained

and Micropython Modules:

An up-to-date list of all current Firmwares, ports and boards is listed on the Firmwares page