List of available packages

Packages on PyPi

Overview of the published ports and boards.


  • PyPi transforms all names of the ports and boards to small-caps and kebab-case, (not snake_case).

  • Not all possible ports/boards are published as I do not have access to hardware to create board-stubs for all ports and boards.

  • Newly published stubs may show as ‘not found’, please check PyPi directly


  • currently not yet automatically updated

  • add links to PyPi

Packages on GitHub

  • list of (latest) packages that can be installed from GitHub

  • add commands to install TODO:

  • currently not yet automatically updated

List of current firmwares and stubs

This includes stubs from the following MicroPython families:

  • MicroPython

  • Pycopy

  • M5Stack

  • EV3/Lego

  • Loboris port (ESP32) - Available but no longer maintained

and Micropython Modules:

An up-to-date list of all current Firmwares, ports and boards is listed on the Firmwares page