Pylint dos not support stub-only packages.

Unfortunatly Pylint does not (yet) support the use of stubs int the .pyi format. Please refer to Being able to use stub pyi files in pylint for more information.

Pylint:Legacy configuration.

Note: The below configuration for pylint will only work if the stub folders you are using contain .py files.

  • Configure pylint to use the selected stub folders

This instructs pylint to insert the list of paths into sys.path before performing linting, thus allowing it to find the stubs and use them to better validate your code.

  • use the .pylintcr sample file.

  • edit the line that starts with init-hook=
          init-hook='import sys;sys.path[1:1] = ["src/lib", "folder1","folder2", "folder3",];'     

  • replace the folders with your selection of stub folders.
    Note that in .pylintrc the list of folders MUST be on a single line

  • the result should look like:
          init-hook='import sys;sys.path[1:1] = ["src/lib", "all-stubs/cpython_core-pycopy","all-stubs/micropython-v1_17-frozen/esp32/GENERIC", "all-stubs/micropython-v1_17-esp32",];'