Pylance/Pyright Advanced configuration

In some projects there may be a need to validate code against different ports of MicroPython, or against fifferent versions of micropython or to mix and match MicroPython and CPython code.

To enable that in a single VSCode project two concepts are relevant:

  1. Make use of a VSCode multi-root workspace

  2. Create seperate pyright configuration files for folder in the workspace

Multi-Root workspace.

All VSCode project are already workspaces. A multi-root workspace is just one with an additional folder added to it. The workspace folders can be sub-folders in the main project folder or completely different folders.

I usually create a root-folder, and then add sub-folders for each part of the project, and store the .workspace file in the top of the root folder. For more details see:

Pyright configuration files.

Pyright allows you to configure the behaviour of the language server on a per folder basis.

The configuration can be stored in a variety of ways, but the easiest is to use a pyrightconfig.json or pyproject.toml file in the root of each of the workspace folders. Sample configuration files

example project stucture and configuration.